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Emmy Rossum On Her ‘Angelyne’ Prosthetics: “Nothing Of Me Is Me” – Contenders TV: The Nominees

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Viewers of the Emmy-nominated Angelyne on Peacock might be surprised to learn just how little of star Emmy Rossum they actually saw.

Rossum said during a panel appearance at Deadline’s Contenders Television: The Nominees event that 10 prosthetic pieces transformed her face and body into that of Los Angeles billboard queen Angelyne.“Nothing of me is me,” Rossum said. “There’s two contact lenses in each eye.

There’s a chest piece that wraps around up into the neck and the hairline. Even earlobes, hands — everything is not recognizable [as myself].”Contenders TV: The Nominees — Deadline’s Complete CoverageEmmy-nominated makeup department head Kate Biscoe said the prosthetics created a unique paradox.

Biscoe normally is tasked with making prosthetic material look like human skin. However, Angelyne herself has altered her body with plastic surgery.“It’s all very meta because she has put inorganic material in herself to put this other identity and reinvent herself as something else,” Biscoe said of the real Angelyne. “It was such a tightrope and such a balancing act of trying to make something that’s inorganic look like skin but also portray that it is inorganic in some aspects while not losing the identity of the version of the person that we are trying to have the viewer empathize with.”Rossum also plays Angelyne before she undergoes her first surgery.

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