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Elizabeth Olsen examines bizarre claims that Mary-Kate and Ashley are the same person

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Mary-Kate and Ashley, are the same person.She's 33 and her sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley are both 35, and now Elizabeth has debunked the crazy theories that have been doing the rounds online for years.Fans have long suspected that the twin sisters are in fact not twins.Some reckon that the they aren't two people, but in fact just one person playing two roles.In 2012 one Twitter user took to the platform and penned: "Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the same person, they aren't twins it's a conspiracy."In 2015 another penned: "What if Mary Kate & Ashley are secretly the same person."And in 2017 another added: "Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the same person.

they can't trick me like Lindsey Lohan did."The twin's younger sister Elizabeth, who stars in WandaVision, has sat down with Vanity Fair to chat about her life.While doing so, she opened up about her sisters while hooked up to a lie-detector test.

The magazine interviewer asked: "[British comedian} John Oliver claims your sister, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are just one person moving incredibly fast.

Is he correct?"Elizabeth then answered: "No."After more probing she added: "They’re twins. My mom gave birth to both of them, C-section style.

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