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‘Baby Reindeer’: lawyer claims Fiona Harvey stalked her too

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Netflix’s Baby Reindeer.Laura Wray, who employed Harvey for a brief period before she met Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd, said that she immediately recognised that Martha was based on Harvey when she watched the show.Baby Reindeer was written, created by and starred Gadd, and it is a semi-autobiographical story depicting his real experience of being stalked by an older woman named Martha.The show spent almost a month at the top of Netflix’s viewership rankings and sparked many conversations around reporting and dealing with stalkers.Following the series’ release, and its declaration of being a “true story”, many viewers tried to find out the real identities of the characters in the show.

This led to Fiona Harvey, a woman claiming to be the inspiration behind Martha, coming forward and directly threatening legal action against Gadd.Harvey also appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored last month (May 9), her first television interview since the show aired.And now Wray has appeared on the same show to share her experiences with Harvey.

In the interview which you can watch below, she said she had been approached by The Sunday Mail after being identified as someone connected with Harvey, and it was only then that she watched the series.“From the very beginning, it was obvious it was the same woman.

It was Fiona Harvey,” Wray told Morgan. “The actress [Gunning], who does a very good job, sounds like her, looks like her [and] mimicked her to a T.”Laura Wray, who is the widow of the former Labour MP Jimmy Wray, also confirmed that many of the phrases and mannerisms from Harvey’s online presence are recognisable in the show too. “I have a file full of papers which are letters from her, emails, faxes and so forth and it’s all.

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