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Amazon shoppers swear by £9 gadget that slims sagging jawlines without the need for anti-ageing cream or surgery

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Beauty buffs are ditching their expensive creams for a £9 buy from Amazon that is said to be 'extremely effective' at tightening and slimming the jaw.

Those who have the pain-free non-invasive tool insist 'you can see the difference' after a few days of use. Amazon's Highline Jaw Exerciser has been designed to tighten, firm and slim the skin on the chin without using injections, surgery or creams.

The unique jaw exerciser is convenient and can be used anytime, anywhere and can produce results with just three minutes of use each day.

The Highline Jaw Exerciser, which is currently on sale for £8.99 on Amazon, improves chin definition and strengthens jaw and neck muscles for a more youthful look.

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