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All of Lady Gaga's Studio Albums, Ranked

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Lady Gaga is one of pop’s most prolific artists, and she’s released plenty of incredible studio albums across her decade-plus long career.

In celebration of the “Stupid Love” singer’s kick-off of the Chromatica Ball tour, we’re taking a look back and seeing how all of her studio albums fared on Metacritic, which compiles reviews from journalists around the world.

Here’s how their ranking system works: “Creating our proprietary Metascores is a complicated process. We carefully curate a large group of the world’s most respected critics, assign scores to their reviews, and apply a weighted average to summarize the range of their opinions.

The result is a single number that captures the essence of critical opinion in one Metascore.” From her 2008 debut studio album The Fame up to 2021′s Love For Sale, here’s how Lady Gaga’s albums are ranked…

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