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Addison Rae Deleted THIS Bikini Pic After Outcry From Religious Fans!

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Looks like Addison Rae is trying to stay in the good graces of her more grace-minded fans. The TikTok star got some unexpected backlash this week after sharing a pic on Tuesday in which she posed all sexy-like in a bikini that had, well, maybe a touch of blasphemy about it?

LOLz! At least, a contingent of followers thought so! Photos: Selena Gomez Declares ‘Real Stomachs’ Are Back With New Swimsuit Pics See, the two-piece from Adidas and Praying is called the Holy Trinity and features the words “Father” and “Son” — one on each boob — with of course, the “Holy Spirit” down below.

Take a look: And here’s how Addison looked rocking the sacrilegious swimwear: The reaction from the 21-year-old’s more religious demographic was swift and severe!

Her IG was flooded with compliments from some of her famous friends — but from the holy hoi polloi the comments ran quite a bit colder.

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