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Where students vote in the general election 2024

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Millions of adults across the UK will soon head to the polls for the general election 2024. Among the wide variety of demographics that will be handing in their ballot are students.

Like most other occupations, students are allowed to vote in a general election as long as they meet all the other criteria, such as being aged 18 or over.

Students must also be registered to vote. However, there is a unique issue for student voters that arises from their occupation - their homes address and term-time address may be different. Read more: All the Greater Manchester election candidates standing in the general election 2024 Students are only allowed one vote and must choose whether they want to vote in their home addresses' constituency or their term-time's one.

The address can be chosen when a student is casting their vote. It's important to highlight that voting in more than one location is a criminal offence.

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