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Welcome to Plathville’s Moriah Plath Fuels Breakup Speculation With New Song ‘Missed Myself’

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Musical inspiration? Amid the ongoing breakup speculation surrounding Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt, the lyrics of her debut single hint at a difficult time.“Like heavy chains pulling me / I let you get the best of me / But that won’t mean / You can control who I’ll be,” the Welcome to Plathville star, 19, crooned in her “Missed Myself ” song, which was released on Saturday, January 15. “I shut myself in my room / Try to stop thinking / Try to drown you out of my brain / Then I start dreaming.

Here’s to reservations I made / With my new therapist / Moving on with my life / Now I’m just killing it.”She continued: “I just wanted you to know that I’m not sorry / Maybe it’s just my pride / If it is, forgive me / I missed myself lately / We’ve all got the right to chose what we want in life. … It’s my turn now/ I’m writing how my story will go.”While the TLC personality has not addressed her musical inspiration, she previously teased that an emotional event in her personal life helped her come up with the song’s lyrics.“You don’t have to be anyone for anyone else; be you and if that’s not good enough for them that’s their loss,” the Georgia native wrote in a December 2021 Instagram post, announcing the single. “Your loss would be if you changed for them.

If they didn’t accept you the way you were, they won’t accept the person they created to fit their picture perfect. You were made this way for a reason!

You have a purpose! You are you, and that will be good enough for the ones who are meant to be in your life! Always remember, you are perfect just the way you are! 

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