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The FBI is now getting involved in reality TV scandal

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 CNBC Make It to discuss her success, Barbara said she doesn't believe that saving money is the key to wealth. "I'm just not a believer in saving money, I've never saved a dime my whole life," she said. "When I sold my business for $66 million, I immediately thought of what could I spend it on.

I gave half of it away to family, friends, education funds, charities – because I really believe that if you spend money it comes back to you."The philosophy has apparently worked, as Barbara has a reported net worth of $100 million.

But, the reality TV star didn't come up with her spending theory, as she recalled her mother also having a casual attitude about money."Don't worry about the money.

What a waste of time," she recalled her mother saying after one financially trying moment. She aded, "I think the carefree attitude of believing that money makes money if you are willing to share it and spend it really works – or, at least, it has certainly worked for me."Back in the '70s, Barbara spent $1,000 to begin a real estate company.

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