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Teen in Slipknot T-shirt bought one-way ticket to London 15 years ago and just vanished

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mystery which has baffled police for the last 15 years as they searched for a missing teen who travelled to London and simply vanished.

On the morning of September 14, 2007, 14-year-old Andrew Gosden skipped school and left his house in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, withdrew £200, and bought a one-way ticket to London.

He bought the ticket for £31.40 and boarded a train at 9.35am.The ticket seller later recalled she had told him a return ticket would cost him just 50p more but he insisted on a single.On the train to the capital other passengers said he quietly played his game console while his school tried, and failed, to contact his parents to say he had not turned up for classes.At 11:20am Andrew arrived at King's Cross station and was captured on CCTV leaving the main entrance of the station.He was wearing black jeans and a black Slipknot T-shirt.Five minutes later he vanished.

The last sightings of him were on CCTV cameras from inside the station.This was the last confirmed sighting of him though police later released CCTV footage showing a boy believed to be Andrew walking down a London street.His parents did not realise he was missing until later that afternoon when they contacted police.Despite countless major public appeals and investigations, no confirmed sightings of the boy have ever been made.His family has commissioned numerous searches, including a sonar scan of the River Thames, and numerous images showing he might look as he grew older have been released.His reason for heading to London or his whereabouts after that remain unknown almost 15 years later.Andrew – described as a happy, intelligent and kind lad – left no note and had not indicated he was unhappy.Despite extensive searches, no trace of him was.

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