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Supreme Court independence referendum case: Four rulings that judges could make

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Judges on the UK Supreme Court will this week their verdict on whether the Scottish Parliament can hold a second independence referendum without prior approval from Westminster.Nicola Sturgeon instructed the Lord Advocate, Scotland's highest legal officer, to refer the case to the court in London in an attempt to break the constitutional log-jam.Judges will rule on whether the Scottish Government's independence Bill relates to "reserved matters" - meaning it is outwith Holyrood's competence.The decision is set to be announced on Wednesday at 9.45am. .Dorothy Bain, the Lord Advocate, argued the Scottish Government's case at a hearing last month.

referred the case to the court where she gave evidence last month.She claimed an IndyRef2, which Sturgeon wants to hold on October 19 next year, would be advisory and have no legal effect on the union.James Eadie, representing the UK Government, argued to judges it was obvious the Bill related to reserved matters.The judges' ruling could determine if the Scottish Government can legally hold a referendum without the consent of the UK Government - but it might not be as straight forward as that.The verdict the Scottish Government is hoping for it judges rule the independence referendum Bill in its draft form is within the competence of Holyrood.It means Nicola Sturgeon could proceed with plans to hold an advisory vote on October 19 next year.

The First Minister previously said: "It is this government’s hope that the question in this Bill, proposing a referendum that is consultative, not self-executing, and which would seek to ascertain the views of the Scottish people for or against independence, will be deemed to be within the legislative competence of this Parliament."If that

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