Professional nitpicker shows how she banishes extreme head lice infestation

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TikTok user Sherrii @nitpickerperth was on hand to banish the blood-sucking bugs nine weeks into the infestation. In the clip, which was uploaded on May 4, she says: "Mum found lice in February, booked into the clinic, came for the first visit."The nitpicker zooms in on the hair and white eggs are clinging to individual follicles while adult lice scamper around on the girl’s scalp.It looks like there are a few scabs on the scalp from scratching or lice bites.Unfortunately, Sherrii says the mum then got very sick and couldn’t attend the follow-up treatment.There were then more family emergencies, including surgery and a broken ankle.Eventually, the little girl had her follow-up treatment nine weeks later, which is why the infestation is so.

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