Esther Dingley: Last News


Photos on hiker Esther Dingley's phone could solve mystery of Brit's mountain death

Daily Star's biggest headlines straight to your inbox!Photos found on the phone of Esther Dingley, the tragic Brit hiker who mysteriously vanished on a solo mountain trek eight months ago, could hold the answers to her death.The 37-year-old had a £270 Redmi Note 9 Pro which was turned off for a large portion of her hike to help conserve its battery.She sent a photo and a message to boyfriend Dan Colegate, 38, who had stayed behind at the couple's camper van 100 miles away.He received the text the following morning and reported her missing three days later, The Sun reports.The distraught boyfriend found Esther's remains and her trekking kit.Police found a skull fragment two weeks later on a nearby trail.The police have declined to confirm

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