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What happens to Love Island phones after the villa? How Islanders aren't shown selfies

Love Island contestants have their mobile phones taken off them as soon as they jet off to Mallorca, but they receive a special phone to use during their time in the villa. The devices are mainly used for producers to contact Islanders, and are set up so that they cannot contact anyone in the outside world or browse the internet.

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Love Island's Amber slams Jacques for his 'ego' but says his head won't be turned
Love Island star Amber Beckford claims that Jacques kicking off at Paige for snubbing him to speak to Jay was down to his ego.The dumped islander also told Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast she's not sure if his head could be turned if another girl entered.It comes after viewers saw the 23-year-old get angry during Monday's episode at his former partner who was getting to know bombshell Jay.READ NEXT: Love Island stars and their stunning lookalike siblings - Anna Vakili to Sophie PiperDuring the episode, Jacques had asked Paige if she wanted to join him in the pool, to which she agreed.Although when he walked away from the kitchen and Jay entered, Paige got into a conversation with him and ditched the pool invite.It was clear to viewers this bothered the rugby player who seemed to get in a huff over the situation.Speaking about this on the podcast, host Kem said he would also sulk in that situation with Ikenna agreeing.Asking whether it's nice to see a more sensitive side of the 23-year-old, dumped islander Ikenna said it shows he cares for Paige.He said: "Yeah I think it just actually shows he cares for Paige as. I feel like that's pretty nice for him to show."Amber admitted to being close to him in the villa before revealing he was angry in the episode because of his ego.She said: "I think it's just a bit of an ego thing to be honest.
Love Island stars and their stunning lookalike siblings - Anna Vakili to Sophie Piper
Love Island has become well known for finding some of the most genetically blessed people from across the country and making them "crack on" in a gorgeous villa for a number of weeks.So viewers shouldn't be entirely surprised to discover that the contestant's siblings would be just as stunning as they are.From Anna Vakili's beautiful lookalike sister Mandi to Brett Staniland's twin brother Scott, these sexy siblings would fit in just fine if they ever plucked up the courage to enter the villa of love.READ MORE: Love Island fans concerned as Danica goes 'missing' from villa after Davide snubWith the current series finally underway, Daily Star has taken a look at the previous contestant's stunning siblings and the ones who caused shockwaves amongst fans.Love Island contestant Anna Vakili made heads roll when she entered the Love Island villa in 2019.Showcasing her gorgeous curves and long brunette locks in every episode, the pharmacist from London certainly caused a stir during her time on the show.But fans were left gobsmacked when they discovered she had a younger sister who looks just like her.Anna's sister Mandi is a 30 year old professional make-up artist and social media influencer living in London.While Anna was in the villa, Mandi ran her social media page and helped her to rock up more than 1million followers on Instagram.Love Island finalist Teddy Soares left fans stunned when they discovered a photo of his lookalike sibling online.Teddy's younger brother Sidney is a registered NLP practitioner with his own consulting business.Not only this but he also has a degree in biomedical science.From the looks of Sidney's Instagram profile, he is someone who enjoys travelling and was recently seen living his best life in
Love Island's Anna Vakili believes 'dry' Gemma Owen isn't 'looking for love'
Love Island star Anna Vakili has shared her thoughts on Gemma Owen after many viewers had claimed they were tuning into "The Gemma Show" on a daily basis.Since entering the villa on June 6, the daughter of Michael Owen has often found herself at the centre of conversation meaning she has been receiving a fair bit of airtime.But in recent episodes, Gemma has appeared to offer no signals that she's interested in Luca, opting to stay in bed with Davide Sanclimente after Danica Taylor nabbed Luca Bish from her.READ MORE: Love Island rocked as new bombshell with famous mum and villa ex enters ITV showSharing her thoughts on the dressage star, Anna, 31, exclusively revealed to Daily Star that she believes Gemma is not on the hunt for love.She said: "She's stunning, she's drop-dead stunning, I think she's a bit dry, I'm not getting a lot of personality coming through."I don't know whether she's cautious her dad is watching, I don't know what it is – she doesn't have a flirty bone in her body, she's always so serious."The pharmacist went on to add: "The thing is, she's so stunning so she gets away with it."If she wasn't so pretty, she'd be dropped out in the first minute but because she's pretty she's still there."Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comReflecting on claims that Gemma could be using the show to better her career, Anna explained: "Definitely, I think that's probably why she's in there as well."She's so young, she's 19, and she's not looking for the love of her life."Ahead of entering the villa, Gemma revealed to Daily Star that she wasn't afraid to show her competitive side once she walks into the show.Want all the last villa gossip straight to
Love Island viewers threaten to make Ofcom complaint after brutal cliff-hanger ending
Love Island fans were glued to their screens for another explosive episode.We saw plenty of drama with a huge argument between Ekin-Su and Amber and Dami starting to move closer to Indiyah.But Love Island viewers were most annoyed about how the episode ended.READ MORE: Love Island legend Anna Vakili slams previous winners in scathing attackOn Sunday night, viewers were asked to vote for their favourite contestants via the Love Island app.The Islanders who received the fewest votes are at risk of being dumped from the villa.The results of the public vote were revealed on Monday night, with Andrew, Jay and Ikenna receiving the fewest votes out of the boys.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HEREMeanwhile, Amber Beckford, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Tasha Ghouri received the fewest votes out of the girls meaning they all faced the brutal dumping which will air later tonight (June 21).Just before the credits rolled at the end of Monday's episode the Islanders received a text saying which boy and which girl was going home but then the show ended without viewers knowing the result.Viewers took to Twitter to complain about the major cliff-hanger with many saying that they were going to complain to Ofcom.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comOne said: "Calling Ofcom about these cliffhangers cause it’s not on anymore"Another tweeted: "Me in bed tonight after complaining to Ofcom about ITV and their d****ss cliff-hangers"A third complained: " Need to complain to Ofcom about these f***ng cliffhangers"While a fourth threatened: "I’m sending an Ofcom complaint about these cliffhangers"And a fifth said: "Nah
Anna Vakili hits out at Love Island winners for taking money despite not being in love
Anna Vakili has suggested that previous Love Island winners may not be in love but are simply there to take the grand prize of £50,000.The pharmacist who found fame on season five of the hit ITV2 dating show has been extremely honest about her experience on the programme, where she found her best friends.Over the years, couples who have won the show have not always remained together, famously Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea who split after the rugby ace dumped the Geordie babe over text.Now, Anna has exclusively spoken to the Daily Star about the grand prize and who should walk away with it.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comShe said: "I feel like the people that find love should win the show."I would also love it more if someone won the show that came from nothing and they get an opportunity from Love Island, as well as love."How much better would that be than someone that's already got everything."She added: "Personally, that would make me happier."During the opening episode of the season, the Islanders of 2022 discovered that the public had been voting to decide who coupled up with who.Reflecting on this, Anna said: "I'm in two minds about it, one side of things I think it's a nice thing they've done, when you're standing up there and when you come out and you're waiting for people to step forward or not step forward it's just based on your looks and not your personality."I don't like the idea of that as such, it can be a sh***y feeling for the people who are going up there and it can ruin your confidence."She continued: "In another sense, it brings more drama when they pick themselves because it's always like 'you were going to pick me.'"And it
Love Island villa secrets – McDonalds, cleaning rota and strict rule for bombshells
Anna Vakili won fans over after appearing on season five of ITV2's Love Island as one of the original singletons before leaving the villa on Day 52.During her time on the show, the Pharmacist from London found herself in the centre of several explosive storylines, with fans claiming she once rolled her eyes when Ovie had burst into tears.During an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, the 31-year-old dished the dirt on her experience and shed light on some behind-the-scenes secrets that even eagle-eyed viewers wouldn't notice.The star revealed that there were certain aspects of her experience that left her completely taken aback.Speaking about things that didn't make the final cut, Anna explained: "There were a few conversations with Ovie that I wish were aired."With Ovie, it showed a very one-sided thing, I would have enjoyed that to be aired because people would have seen the other side of me."She added: "I wish my other side was aired, it was just my drama that was shown whenever I was angry or annoyed."It never showed me, happy and cracking jokes which most of the time I was but I feel like that was a character of mine that was played out more."They picked those bits of me whereas there's so much more to me than that."Anna added: "Obviously it was the most exciting thing when I wanted to argue or when I'm starting drama, they're more exciting than me cracking jokes."At the end of the day, it just looks like I'm like that and I'm not."Many Islanders go into the famous villa believing that their luxury home will be visited by cleaners but this is not always the case.They also receive one takeaway per week, with producers supplying the singletons with a McDonald's of their choice."I was surprised that we were allowed
Love Island's Anna Vakili reveals she was 'arrested' for wearing skinny jeans in Iran
Love Island star Anna Vakili has said that she was "arrested" for wearing skinny jeans while holidaying in Iran.The stunning 31-year-old beauty is from Iran and has now detailed how she was "dragged" into a police van for wearing "revealing" skinny jeans.Anna recently appeared on Johnny Seifert's Secure The Insecure podcast, and spoke of how women in Iran can be punished for wearing certain kinds of clothing.Recalling the ordeal she said: "It was really scary because I just remember all these police women grabbing me and trying to put me in the van."They were saying in Farsi, 'Your jeans are too tight and it's not Islamic,' and they were trying to push me into the car."My auntie was grabbing me and pulling me away and saying, 'She's English, she's from England, she doesn't know'."I pretended that I couldn't speak Farsi and they let me go because I was from England and I didn't know the laws enough." This comes after the TV star and influencer revealed that she had a secret abortion when she was just 21, while chatting on her and her sister's podcast, Sisters in the City.Opening up about what she went through, Anna divulged: "I feel really scared to open up about this, but I think it’s important to do it because I learnt from my own mistake."And if other people can learn from my mistake then it’s the best thing to come from this."When I was younger – about 21, I was having unprotected sex - I don’t know what I was thinking.
Love Island's Anna Vakili says she was arrested over fighting in the street with her sister
Love Island's Anna Vakili has claimed that she was arrested for fighting in the street with her sister – after calling the police herself for something else.The TV beauty said she contacted police after a night out in London last year over fears she was going to be kidnapped.But Anna and her sister Mandi started rowing in the meantime and she says when officers turned up they were arrested and ended up in a cell overnight.Speaking on her podcast, she said that she and Mandi "sometimes have a bit too much to drink" on nights out and "end up getting into arguments with each other"."Not long ago we ended up spending the night in jail," she said, saying it was 14 hours in total.The pair apparently got "arrested for fighting each other", although they said it wasn't really a physical fight.Anna said she had the "tiniest little scratch" on her neck, adding: "The worst part of this is, that I called the police!"The star said she was handcuffed outside swanky hotel The Dorchester and the sisters reckon police knew Anna was a celeb."I was in the back of the police van with handcuffs on, and I could see at the front that they were Googling my name," she said.The curvy reality star, 31, said when she was interviewed she told the officers that she loved her sister more than anything."The next morning during my video interview, I was like, 'I am going to sue you, this is my sister'," she said."I was saying, 'Have you never had a fight with your sister? I love my sister more than anything in this world!'"A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told the Daily Star: "Police were called at approximately 00:06hrs on Sunday, 11 April to reports of a disturbance in Park Lane, W1."Officers attended and spoke to a witness who reported