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Pamela Anderson and son Brandon Lee claim she never saw a dime from the sex tape with Tommy Lee

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Pamela Anderson's privacy was invaded when a sex tape she made with her then-husband Tommy Lee was stolen and distributed without their consent in the 1990s.

And now the 55-year-old actress and icon has reiterated her claims that she and her ex never saw any money from the widely circulated sex tape.While chatting with her and Tommy's son Brandon Lee, 26, at a New York City screening of the new Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story, she said that people have refused to believe that she could have never been compensated for the tape despite its popularity.'I don’t think anyone wanted to believe it,' she said at a talk back, according to IndieWire. 'Plus, we just let it go.'According to the actress, she and Tommy decided it was best for her mental and physical health to give up on being fairly compensated.

Empty-handed: Pamela Anderson, 55, delved into her claims that she never made any money off of her sex tape with ex Tommy Lee at a New York City screening of Pamela, A Love Story with her son Brandon Lee on Wednesday (pictured)'After the depositions and all this craziness — and I was pregnant with Dylan — we didn’t wanna put any more stress on the baby.

Tommy and I just said, "F*** them, karma, whatever," we just left it. We really just tried to leave it in the past. 'So we didn’t do a press tour talking about what money we didn’t get.

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