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Nicola Sturgeon's sister says she'd 'rather vote Tory' than for Kate Forbes or Ash Regan amid fraught leadership race

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Nicola Sturgeon 's sister has said she would "rather vote Tory" than SNP leadership candidates Kate Forbes and Ash Regan. Gillian made the political spat against the First Minister hopefuls on Facebook directing her message towards "two females" who she would not want "running" her country.

She then further made the admission she'd rather vote " Tory" than either of them. Her words come on the day that her brother-in-law Peter Murrell announced his resignation as chief executive of the SNP.

Murrell, 58, had been accused of undermining the current leadership in a membership numbers row.The day before, the SNP's head of media dramatically resigned amid the party's increasingly fraught leadership race.

Murray Foote announced he had quit in response to a deepening row over the publication of SNP membership numbers.It was reported this week that membership numbers dramatically fell in the party from 103,884 to 72,186 in the last year.Gillian Sturgeon wrote in a social media post: "I may lose fb friends but as I always do, I’ll say it anyway.

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