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‘Leo’ Review: Adam Sandler Offers Smart And Funny Lizardly Advice To Kids In Netflix’s Endearing New ‘Toon

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After 2023’s earlier surprise comedic family gem, You Are Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah, Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison productions does it again for Netflix, this time in the delightful and remarkably wise CGI animated feature, Leo.

It is a charmer for kids and their parents who get a few lessons here along the way as well. Sandler voices 74 year old Iguana, Leo as if he were about to take the lectern at a Friar’s Roast.

Leo has lived his whole life on display in a fifth grade classroom with revolving groups of kids since the 1940’s. Next to him is BFF Squirtle, a fast talking turtle voiced memorably by Bill Burr.

They are kind of the Bert and Ernie of the classroom, talking only to each other, and never revealing to the kids or teachers that they can actually converse with humans too.

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