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Jawline Filler 101: Everything to Know If You’re Considering Jawline Filler

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and , chances are you've been at least curious about one of them—be it , lip, or .But ? Until recently, this particular has flown more under the radar, even for people very much in the yay-injectables camp.

Reshaping one’s jawline area just isn’t as sexy as having pillowy lips, or as satisfying as smoothing a creased forehead. And since we’re mostly talking about bone structure, the jawline just seems like a facial feature we can’t easily customize, unlike areas better padded and sculpted by fat and muscle.In the past, that was mostly true.

Even as we’ve invented ever more ways to adjust the upper two-thirds of the face, the jawline area has lagged behind. Until just a few years ago, dermal fillers weren’t even FDA-approved for use in the lower face.

Instead, sculpting the jaw and chin areas using hyaluronic acid fillers was an off-label procedure, meaning a skilled professional could do it, but only using a filler that had been FDA-approved for another part of the face., and jawline fillers have gone mainstream, rapidly gaining popularity as injectors perfect techniques that can accomplish seriously head-turning transformations.

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