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Inside Patricia Heaton's Humanitarian Trip to Kenya (Exclusive)

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Patricia Heaton's humanitarian trip to Kenya required nearly a nine-hour commercial flight, followed by a two-hour flight on a smaller plane and then nearly a three-hour car ride.

An arduous trek, for sure, but nothing compared to the dire predicament facing children in those drought-stricken regions desperately attempting to stave off a malnutrition crisis.The star teamed up with World Vision to help provide aid in the communities she visited, particularly in Kalapata and Nakorio.

Heaton tells ET she got «quite an exuberant welcome» following the long journey, and the people's good-hearted nature was immediately on display when they took her hands and started dressing her in exquisite beaded headdresses.«It was sort of unexpected,» she tells ET. «It was pretty moving.

We were pulled into a beautiful church with every pastor from the area there where there was dancing, speeches. It was quite an exuberant welcome.

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