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Infamous Aussie killer soldier known as 'Ninja' dishing out vigilante justice in Ukraine

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Aussie killer soldier, known only by his callsign 'Ninja' has opened up on life in the frontlines in Ukraine Ninja began working on the frontline to help free Ukrainian villages from Russia's cold and far-reaching grip after arriving in the war-torn country earlier this year .

The Queensland man told Nine News that he saw the country was in trouble so felt compelled to help in the battle against the Kremlin's invading army. READ MORE: Ukraine's food rations empty as soldiers struggle to survive on luxury chocolate gateaux "Ukraine was in trouble, they needed people to come and help, so we came and helped," he said.Several Australian vigilantes have taken up arms as part of the Ukrainian resistance, and Ninja says the Ukrainian and coalition forces are "winning pretty much everywhere".He says he has no plans to lay down his weapons, despite recently suffered from shrapnel wounds during a particularly nasty bout of enemy crossfire."I've beat the odds once, so let's just see if I can do it again," he saidHe added that he's determined to remain in the besieged nation until Putin's invasion is over.Last week, the Russian President announced he would annex four Ukrainian regions, despite international criticism over the 'illegal' move.

During an event at the Kremlin at the end of September, Putin declared that Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia are now part of Russia, following widely criticised referendum votes.

According to the Associated Press, the annexation ceremony began with Putin urging Ukraine to sit down for talks, but warned that Moscow would not give up the newly incorporated regions.

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