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Dean McDermott’s Son Jack Claims His Mom Is Spreading ‘Incorrect Information’ About Dad, Tori Spelling, Creating a Family ‘Divide’

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Speaking his peace. Dean McDermott’s oldest son, Jack McDermott, broke his silence over his mom Mary Jo Eustace’s recent negative comments about his father and stepmother Tori Spelling.“Since my parents’ divorce in 2006, I have rarely spoken out as I preferred to stay out of it,” Jack, 24, wrote via an Instagram statement on Monday, December 5. “Unfortunately, due to my mothers recent decision to spread information about my Dad, Step mom and my siblings I am no longer able to stay silent.”The San Francisco State University graduate explained that Dean, 56, chose to walk away from his “Ex’s & Uh-Ohs” podcast, which he cohosted with Eustace, 60, after she allegedly slammed the Open Range actor and his wife, 49. (Jack’s parents were married for 13 years before they called it quits in 2006.)“He chose to leave [the podcast] due to negative comments about our family and consistent attempts to malign his character,” Jack claimed. “He also chose to leave due to the producer of the show betraying his trust and divulging private information.”The young man defended his father, saying that Dean has “atoned for his mistakes” over the past 17 years. “He has grown so much as a person.

Up until a week ago, our two families where [sic] living in harmony,” Jack continued. “With this podcast, it has driven a wedge between our two families and created a divide I am not capable of mending.

Sadly, I’m not sure it can be.”The California resident asked that “Ex’s & Uh-Ohs” listeners take the information that his mother shared “with a grain of salt” before addressing Eustace directly. “From my mother, I ask that you please respect me, and my blended family.

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