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Dad under fire for forcing daughter to cook in 'traditional role' or 'suffer consequences'

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A dad has been criticised online for forcing his daughter to cook a family meal, saying that it's a "traditional family role" that must be fulfilled.

The daughter wasn't happy with this request, but her dad said that she'd "suffer consequences" if she didn't do as she was told.

Her mother was meant to be doing the cooking for the guests that they'd invited over, but fell unwell the day before. Not keen on taking on the task of preparing a meal, the daughter suggested ordering a takeaway instead - which her dad saw as "rude" when dinner guests had been invited over, the Mirror reports.

He took to Reddit to explain that his 21-year-old daughter was a college student who lived at the house rent-free, with the condition that she take turns cooking, cleaning and looking after her younger sibling.

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