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Britain to be hotter than Love Island villa with roasting 30C weather as summer finally arrives

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We've got a text, and it's telling us the forecast is looking bright! Brace yourself for some serious heat as summer is finally on its way with Britain expected to be hotter than the Love Island villa as it feels like a soaring 30C.

If you're anything like us, you might have been wondering why summer has vanished, with what feels like constant cloud and wet spells.

But it looks as though we're finally in for some luck as a dramatic weather map is showing a fierce red hue sweeping across most of the UK bringing with it soaring temperatures.

From around Saturday, 15 June, we can expect to welcome some sizzling heat as the mercury rises, and without a lack of wind and sinking air, it'll feel a lot warmer in most regions of the country.The colourful map from InMeteo, shows a large swathe of southern England and eastern territories basking in a fiery red glow - this means we're in for dry and warm conditions, reports the Mirror.The InMeteo team, who run Versusky, have made a bold prediction that areas like south London and Surrey might even feel like they are baking at 30C over the weekend of 15 to 16 June.

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