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Beat The Chasers fans rage as ex contestant returns to play Jenny Ryan again

Beat The Chasers fans were angry that a former contestant got to come back and have another go. Claire, a self-employed secretary, played on Tuesday evening's show and revealed that she'd actually been on The Chase before and played The Vixen, aka Jenny Ryan.

Viewers said it was unfair, saying Claire had "had her turn" and shouldn't have been allowed to come back again. The contestant explained that she had won £5,000 in her cashbuilder on The Chase, won her round against Jenny, but her team failed to get through the final chase round.

She said: "I won my individual round, despite the fact that after a £5,000 cashbuilder she said I'd come to the limits of my capabilities. "But I've come back because I forgive you Jenny, I'll give it another

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