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Zoey Deutch Explains Her Cut Cameo in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

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Did you know that Zoey Deutch had a small role in The Amazing Spider-Man, which was eventually cut from the finished film?

The 27-year-old Not Okay actress opened up about her role during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (August 4) in New York City. Click inside to watch the seen and read what Zoey said about it… “I remembered it.

Yeah, I was in one scene, I had no lines. I was so excited, and for whatever reason, they used that scene as the teaser at Comic-Con,” Zoey said. “And so people thought I had a big part and kept saying to me like, ‘Oh my god, you’re the star of The Amazing Spider-Man.’ ‘I didn’t know that you’re the star of The Amazing Spider-Man.’ It’s like, I didn’t know either. “But I went to the theaters, and I was cut out of the movie.

So it doesn’t really have a happy ending. But I think technically I’m in the MCU. I’m like in the black hole part of the MCU,” she added. Zoey was then actually shown the clip, which wasn’t fully complete with the special effects and everything. “Oh my god.

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