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Teen has unique birthmark of twin's foot on face after sisters shared womb together

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A teen was born with a special birthmark on her face of her twin's foot from when they were together in the womb. Lexi Walker, 18, says the unique birthmark means her sister and her hold a 'special connection', reports Wales Online.The 18-year-old says the birthmark on her cheek came when the twin's were pressed together in the womb and her sister's foot was resting on her face.

This caused an imprint on her face where the blood vessels formed differently.The teen says she used to feel insecure about the mark but has now grown to love it.

Lexi said: "I do get funny looks - sometimes people just stop and stare or ask questions."When I was younger my family would uplift me to help me love it - I got told it was an angel's kiss and it makes me unique.

When I tell people how I actually got it, they're always in shock - it's crazy."Lexi says in recent years the special mark has held even more significance because it connects her to sister Kiara, wherever they are in the world.

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