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'Insane!' Johnny Depp brands Amber Heard's testimony 'ludicrous' as she looks on in horror

Johnny Depp took to the stand today to answer the question: "What has it been like for you to listen to Ms Heard's testimony through this trial?" The Pirates of the Caribbean star, who has had the support of ex-girlfriend Kate Moss in court today, branded her accusations against him "humiliating", "savage" and "unimaginably brutal" before insisting that none of the allegations are true."It's insane to hear heinous accusations of sexual violence that she's attributed to me [and] accused me of," he told the court."I don't think anyone enjoys having to split themselves open and tell the truth, but there are times when one just simply has to, because it's gotten out of control."No human being is perfect...

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Kate Moss' sexiest ever snaps - Playboy, catwalk style and totally nude shoots
Lottie Moss, was named one of the world's 100 most influential people in 2007 by Time magazine and snagged the coveted title of Sexiest Woman from a variety of top fashion rags.It’s impossible to choose from the iconic supermodel’s catalogue of stunning snaps, but let’s take a look at a few of the icon's most striking pics as she celebrates her 48th birthday.The supermodel can be seen sporting the brand’s famed bunny ears and black leotard as she poses for the cover of Playboy magazine’s 60th anniversary edition.Kate completed the look with heels and a fluffy tail front the coveted shoot in what the mag called an "unprecedented" 18-page spread.The then-39-year-old looked hotter than ever in honour of Playboy's diamond birthday, which also included a Q&A with legendary Welsh singer Tom Jones.Playboy's editorial director, Jimmy Jellinek, couldn't be more thrilled to have Moss help celebrate the famed men's mag's big occasion.He said at the time: "Having Kate Moss, a global icon and the most important supermodel of the past 25 years, appear on our cover makes this issue the perfect way to launch Playboy's next 60 years."The mother-of-one underscored just how confident she feels in her body when she posed nude for tanning giants St Tropez.The gorgeous model shows off her toned, tan bod while looking seductively at the camera as she lounged on her stomach by a pool with sprawling blue skies and seas visible over the curves of her figure.She also posed poolside in a plunging white swimsuit for the shoot.Kate became the face and body of St Tropez for their first-ever global advertising campaign back in 2013, with the brand’s CEO Michelle Feeney saying: "Kate's fashion icon status is important to us but now her growing number of
Kate Moss' net worth and how her earnings were damaged by cocaine scandal
Kate Moss is expected to testify in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial.Heard alluded to a rumour Depp pushed the world-famous supermodel down the stairs when the pair dated during the 1990s, and Depp's team now have a chance to dispute this claim.After getting together, press coverage of actor Depp and Kate's rise to fame as a model gave way to them being dubbed a Hollywood power couple.Kate's own career made her a symbol of the 1990s and the size zero fashion that came with it. It led her to huge deals with major brands and a soaring net worth of millions.However, her stardom and fame meant she was punished financially when news of her cocaine habit was broken by the MirrorStill known all around the world, the woman once dubbed "Cocaine Kate" is now under the spotlight thanks to the Depp vs Heard trial and her upcoming testimony.Kate Moss' net worth is now reported to be around £55million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.The fashion icon was born in 1974 in Croydon and began her modelling career at the age of just 14, before being catapulted to fame as a "waifish" underwear model with Calvin Klein at just 18.She checked into rehab in 1998 when she confessed to having never walked down a catwalk when sober.Kate said: "You kind of just have champagne ...
Kate Moss and Johnny Depp squirm as toe-curling Big Breakfast interview is unearthed
Johnny Depp were once the ultimate Hollywood power couple.The British supermodel, 48, and 58-year-old American actor made headlines around the world when they began dating in 1994, when Kate was 20 years old and Johnny was 31.They dated from 1994 - 1997 when Johnny called quits on the relationship due to his busy schedule.Their romance is due to be re-examined in wake of the Pirates of the Caribbean star's legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard.As heads turn back to the nearly 30-year-old relationship, a resurfaced interview of the pair on The Big Breakfast in 1995 has left fans cringing as Kate and Johnny endured an awkward marriage question.Johnny made a surprise appearance on the hit British programme when he unexpectedly joined Kate in the studio to discuss her work with the War Child project.Chatting with The Big Breakfast host Gaby Roslin, things took an awkward turn when the subject of marriage was broached.The line of questioning began with Gaby enquiring whether or not it was hard for the couple to keep their relationship going amidst strong public and media interest.While Kate immediately answered "no", Johnny was slower to answer leading his girlfriend to prompt a response from him.Kate said "Johnny?"The actor eventually replied: "No, no, no." It wasn't to be the last remark about the pair's potential marriage however as Gaby quipped: "And when you do get married, I wish you many happy years together."Avoiding any more insight into their marriage plans at the time, Johnny repeated the phrase back to the presenter who insisted she was already married.The Edward Scissorhands then cheekily said that he hoped she had a "happy divorce".Johnny is currently suing his ex-wife Amber Heard, 36, for $50 million in a
Kate Moss could recall how Johnny Depp 'caught her' as she fell down stairs, claims source
Johnny Depp "caught her" after she "fell down" stairs to the court on day 22 of the $100m defamation trial between the Hollywood star and his ex-wife, Amber Heard.The British supermodel, 48, is rumoured to be called to testify via video link after being name-dropped by Heard when she took to the stand in the trial.According to an US publication, The New York Post, the model will tell the court about the time her ex-beau came to her aid after she slipped down stairs in Jamaica while they were on holiday.The source claimed that Moss was "wearing flip flops and she slipped on the last two stairs."Johnny caught her and tended to her," they said to The New York Post.Moss was originally brought up in Depp's 2020 defamation trial in London by Heard, who claimed that she had heard that the model was pushed down stairs by the actor.Taking to the stand in the recent court case, Heard once again referred to the alleged incident when describing a fight she had with her ex-husband which saw her sister attempt to intervene.During day two of her testimony in Fairfax, Virginia, Heard detailed a number of violent fights she and Depp allegedly got into during their relationship.While she was speaking about their fights, the Aquaman actress briefly mentioned Moss, explaining how she had supposedly punched Depp in the face for the first time due to his previous actions against the model.Heard recalled when she punched her ex-husband, claiming it was out of fear he was going to shove her sister Whitney down a staircase.She claimed that they had been fighting on the mezzanine of the stairs in one his many penthouses in March 2015 when her sister attempted to separate the argument.Heard said of her sister: “She threw herself in the line of
Kate Moss' Johnny Depp testimony will 'blow up in Amber Heard's face', expert claims
Johnny Depp's defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard.The 48-year-old, who dated Johnny in the 90s, is expected to appear in court via video link on Wednesday, May 25 to give evidence against Amber, 36.Kate is being called by Johnny's legal team after Amber name-dropped her during her testimony earlier this month.Kate famously prefers to keep her private life out of the spotlight, however, she is expected to shut down Amber's claim that Johnny, 58, once pushed the model down the stairs.Experts believe that Kate's testimony could have a "big effect" on the jury.Nicole Haff, an entertainment lawyer who works at Romano Law, believes Kate could bring Amber's testimony into question.She claimed it was a mistake on Amber's part to mention Kate, as this gave Johnny's team the opportunity to call her to the stand.Speaking to, Nicole said: "When someone brings up something in their examination and [you feel] it's wrong, you can basically call another witness to impeach that testimony."Johnny and Amber tied the knot in 2015.They were married for just one year before Amber filed for divorce in 2016.The $100million (£80m) defamation trial, which is underway in Virginia, is trying to determine if a 2018 Washington post article written by Amber defamed Johnny.His lawyers say the article falsely implies he physically and sexually abused her while they were together.
The real reason behind Johnny Depp and Kate Moss' break-up revealed
Johnny Depp is expected to be reunited with his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss this week when she is called to testify on his behalf at his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.MORE: Johnny Depp: Here's what his lawyer really said as he celebrated Amber Heard's Kate Moss commentThe supermodel will reportedly appear via video link on Wednesday to discuss her three-year relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, whom she dated from 1994 until 1997 after reportedly being introduced by celebrity journalist George Wayne.WATCH: Johnny Depp's libel trial - what has happened so far?While the pair were often referred to as the 'It' couple of the 90s, their relationship was often plagued by reports of intense arguing.In fact, back in September 1994 when the couple were staying at the Mark Hotel in New York, Johnny allegedly pushed Kate down a flight of stairs, an incident Amber recently referred to during the trial, which is said to have opened the door to call Kate as a witness.MORE: Johnny Depp receives shock support from unexpected ally during Amber Heard trialMORE: The real reason Johnny Depp REFUSES to look at Amber Heard during trialPolice found Johnny in "a state of possible intoxication", but Kate was said to be uninjured, and he was later arrested for criminal mischief for allegedly trashing their hotel room. Neither Johnny nor Kate have ever discussed the incident publicly.