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Sean & Leigh Anne Tuohy Say They Never Intended to Adopt Michael Oher Following Lawsuit

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Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy are speaking out more about the lawsuit that Michael Oher filed against them.

Just last month, the former NFL star accused the Tuohy family of lying about their intents to adopt him and instead of that, entered into a conservatorship instead. Michael also claimed that they had become millionaires after the conservatorship and that lead them to having authority to make business deals.

Now though, Sean and Leigh Anne have stated that adopting Michael was never in their plans. Keep reading to find out more… In new court documents, via E!, Sean and Leigh Anne put it on record that they never intended to adopt him. “They vehemently deny that they saw [Michael] as a gullible young man whose athletic talent could be exploited for their own benefit,” the documents read. “The [Tuohys] admit that they never intended to, and in fact never did, take any action to assume legal custody through the Juvenile Court of Shelby County, Tennessee.” The family then added that the conservatorship was explored so Michael could play college football. “When it became clear that [Michael] could not consider going to the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) as a result of living with the [Tuohys], the NCAA made it clear that the only way he could attend Ole Miss if he was part of the Tuohy family in some fashion,” the documents went on. “Conservatorship was the tool chosen to accomplish this goal.” As part of the lawsuit, Michael also raised questions about how much the Tuohy family earned from the profits of The Blind Side.

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