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Scots dog owner left pooch so matted and covered in faeces vets 'didn't recognise it was an animal'

Scottish SPCA investigation. Friel, of Glasgow Street, Ardrossan, pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court and was sentenced on September 29.

Scottish SPCA chief inspector Laura McIntyre said, “We received a report from a vet after Friel presented Abbey at the veterinary surgery for cremation after she had passed away.“The dog’s body had been folded into a large cardboard box.

It was not immediately apparent upon opening the box that the animal was a dog, as 90 percent of the body’s fur was extremely matted.“Abbey’s legs were as thick as tree trunks and there was pus seeping from one of her hind legs."The legs were only identifiable from one single over grown claw sticking out through the matting, her entire.

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