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Reduced Working Hours in Film and TV Model Garners Industry Support

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K.J. Yossman A new model proposing shorter hours in the U.K. screen industry is garnering industry support. Bectu Vision, a Scottish screen skills training body affiliated with crew union Bectu, together with flexible-working experts Timewise have completed an in-depth study assessing the financial implications of shorter working days in scripted drama production.

BBC and Screen Scotland, who backed the study, are now considering its findings. Titled “Designing a blueprint for a shorter working day in film and scripted drama,” it has found that most respondents, including producers, writers, actors and crew, believe the long hours in production are “unsustainable” and causing many skilled workers to leave the industry, contributing to the crew shortage.

The study – which looked at crew working 8-hour days as opposed to the standard ten – assessed the knock-on effects on costs and schedules.

The results found that overall production costs would only increase by an estimate 4% if production schedules were extended to factor in a shorter working day.

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