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'Psychic ended my toxic relationship with one brutal word – I can finally move on'

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dating every week and has her own podcast where she talks all things love and sex.But you’d never know she’d been struggling with a “situationship” for a long time.For her latest column, the 37-year-old revealed she’d been dealing with unrequited love for the last four years.This on-and-off relationship has been taking a toll on her life, so she booked a session with a psychic to see if they could foresee a way out.And the fortune-teller seems to have broken the spell by saying one simple word – “toxic”.Jana told “It started at 8am this morning when I had a Zoom podcast interview with a psychic.

I’ve tended to avoid psychics, because I’ve been keeping a deep dark secret that I didn’t want to expose to someone who could see deep into my soul.“However, blame it on a full moon, or a frazzled heart, or one too many “WTF is going on with my love life” scenarios, and I decided it was time to let this person in, and perhaps give me some hard truths.“Because, if I’m being honest with myself, it would appear I’ve been madly, deeply in love with a man for the past four years.

He would show an interest for a month, and then ignore me for a couple of months, and then swing back into my life for another month, and then pretend I didn’t exist for another month or so.“It’s been torture.

I’ve shone under his approval and been crippled when he has ignored me. And don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly ashamed to admit it.

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