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EastEnders Linda exit teased as Janine comes up with evil plan to get rid of love rival

EastEnders favourite Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) decides to leave Albert Square next week despite only returning last month.Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) tries to convince Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) to let his estranged wife to move back in and promises to try and make her seek professional help.Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is later put out when Mick goes for a walk with Linda, and Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) reminds her Mick and Linda will always have something.On their walk, Linda is furious when she realises Mick is trying to get her to an addiction meeting, but when he opens up about his own troubles and how his past with his child abuser Katy Lewis has affected him, Linda finally admits she needs help.At The Vic, Janine’s paranoia grows when her new man Mick reveals he’ll be attending the meetings with ex Linda to support her.Over at Sharon’s, Linda is back and Zack overhears her telling Annie she’s going to get Mick back.However, Linda is given food for thought when Zack warns her about setting her sights on Mick.Things look up for Linda when her daughter Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) invites her to a meeting at their new business leading Linda to ask Mick to come too.Meanwhile, Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) gives Janine a reality check about her priorities but feeling threatened by Linda, Janine comes up with a plan.The villain finds Linda at the restaurant, and wanting to get rid of her forever, offers her £25k to leave Walford for good.Linda later agrees to Janine’s offer but wants double the money and she continues to place doubts in her love rival's mind about her future with Mick.Leaving her more determined than ever to get rid of Linda, Janine comes up with a cunning plan.Janine

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EastEnders spoilers reveal Linda's return as she discovers Mick and Janine are together
EastEnders favourite Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) returns to Walford next week as Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) grows closer to Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks).A solemn atmosphere hangs over the Square in upcoming scenes as the Carters prepare for Tina’s funeral.At The Vic, Mick gets a shock when Linda turns up.The pair quickly begin to bicker about everything and things get worse for Linda when daughter Nancy (Maddie Hill) gives her the cold shoulder.At the crematorium, a tearful Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) shares a touching eulogy but Linda is distracted by Janine’s presence and recognises her as the person who told her to divorce Mick.Mick begins his eulogy but he is overwhelmed with emotion and when Linda fails to support him, Janine rushes to comfort him.With her blood boiling, an embarrassed Linda storms out and has a confrontation with Nancy.Meanwhile, Zack Hudson (James Farrar) misses his cooking competition to support Nancy but after the drama with Linda, Nancy tells him to back off.Alone with a mix of intense emotions, Linda begins to drink.Linda drunkenly causes a scene at the crematorium as she rages at the Carters about Janine and a furious Shirley tells her she’s not welcome at the wake.At The Vic, Shirley gives Janine her respect for supporting Mick but warns her not to cross a line.Meanwhile, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) spots a very drunk Linda storming over to The Vic but intercepts her and invites her back to hers.Sharon tries to explain she needs a game plan to fight Janine but before she has a chance to finish, Linda rushes over to The Vic and confronts Janine for telling her to divorce Mick.Later, Mick thanks Janine for all her support and the pair kiss.
EastEnders Cheryl Fergison's life - long lost brother, toy-boy lover and TV row
EastEnders actor Cheryl Fergison, who rose to fame as the lovable Heather Trott in the BBC soap, had a wild ride in Albert Square.From her unrequited love with Minty Peterson to a shock pregnancy with Darren Miller, Heather had many different storylines throughout her five-year run on the show.Her character was killed by Ben Mitchell who hit her in the head with a photo frame back in 2012, and the George Michael and karaoke loving sidekick of Shirley Carter was greatly missed.Since leaving EastEnders, she has made guest appearances on The Saturday Night Show and Loose Women before she went into the Celebrity Big Brother house for the 10th season of the reality competition. In recent years, Cheryl has made no secret of her desire to return to a soap, even suggesting she could return to EastEnders as Heather's long lost twin.In one of CBB’s most iconic arguments, Cheryl pretended that she and Julie Goodyear have had a past disagreement and that they don’t get along.Cheryl accused Julie of giving her “evil eyes” from across the room and tried to confront her, but was quickly shut down by a seemingly short-tempered Julie who eventually threw a glass of water over her partner-in-crime.They managed to convince their co-stars and ended up becoming good friends, as Cheryl told her pal in the kitchen that she was “scared of her” before she entered the house, but that she has learnt “not to have a preconception” of people.Off-screen, Cheryl’s love life has been as dramatic as Heather’s.She was married to her first husband Jamshed Saddiqi from 2000 to 2008, with whom she had a son, and then moved on to a man she met online.