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Bond producer recalls “very sad” meeting with Amy Winehouse about recording theme song
James Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has opened up about a “very sad” meeting she had with Amy Winehouse about recording the theme song.A new documentary, The Sound Of 007, has explored the music of the Bond franchise, which sees Broccoli recalling a meeting with Winehouse about writing the theme song for 2008’s Quantum Of Solace.“Well, that was a very very distressing meeting, [Winehouse] was not at her best and my heart really went out to her,” Broccoli says in the documentary, per Entertainment Weekly.“She was very fragile emotionally and, you know, you understood how she could create such moving material, because she has a great depth of feeling and it was very very tragic.“What an incredible talent, what an incredible voice, what an incredible person she was and it was very very sad.”Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas wrote the theme song for the last Bond film No Time To Die, and won an Oscar for their work on the track of the same name.The pair worked with Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr on the track, with the latter saying that Eilish and her brother were “so classy”.“They’re so classy and know that if you want to do a Bond theme, it’s about doing something that’s your sound,” Marr told NME. “I wanted to protect that, and in the end we just kept coming back to ‘reduce, reduce, reduce’.
'James Bond' Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli Give Update on 007 Casting (Exclusive)
Daniel Craig's final film.«Not at the moment,» Broccoli told ET when asked if the search was underway. «Right now, we're celebrating the 60th anniversary, which is a big event for us, and then we'll go into the beginning of next year, we’ll start talking about the trajectory of the films and how we're gonna do it and then we'll go around into the casting.»It's not an easy feat to find an actor who's both capable and willing to take on the «life-changing» role, Wilson noted.«He has to sign on for four or five films, so it takes a huge commitment. Not all the actors are ready and willing to do it,» he said. «Daniel, it took him a long time to figure out that he had come and do it.»Broccoli agreed, even quoting one-time Bond Pierce Brosnan, who once stated, «More people have walked on the moon than have played this character.»«When you think about it in those terms,» she said, «it’s quite daunting.»While daunting for an actor, Wilson told ET that the stars of the franchise have «been the key» to its success, as «every actor brings a new refreshment to the series.»While fans wait for more information on the next potential Bond, they can get their fill of the series with the new documentary, , which will debut on Prime Video Oct.