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‘Bridgerton The Musical’ Lawsuit Tossed By Netflix As UK Performances Of Live Show Cancelled – Update

UPDATE, 6:27 PM: “There is nothing on Earth quite so envied as a diamond,” says Lady Whistledown in the first season of Netflix and Shonda Rhimes’ blockbuster Bridgerton. The Julie Andrews voiced character is rarely wrong, but she might want to recognize the value of an avoided legal action also.

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Kelly Clarkson makes abrupt exit from show - and you'll not believe why!
Kelly Clarkson is not afraid to stand up for her television preferences, and guests who disagree better beware!ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe star faced a bit of disappointment – albeit hilariously so – when she had what she thought were Bridgerton super fans come on to The Kelly Clarkson Show, only to realize she couldn't discuss the hit series with them.The guests were none other than TikTokers Abigail Barlow, 20, and Emily Bear, 23, or rather, Barlow and Bear, who went viral when the first season came out when they created the Unofficial Bridgerton Musical on the social media platform.WATCH: Kelly collpases after being upstaged by Anne HathawayMORE: Kelly Clarkson reveals unusual development at her family's ranchConsidering the two were nominated for a Grammy for their work after creating an album, the daytime show host had anticipated being able to discuss all things Bridgerton with the pair.Kelly did not hesitate to kick off a conversation all about their thoughts on season two, but unfortunately for her, her guests didn't match her excited energy.She began by saying how she never thought any other season could top the series' debut, and then turned to Barlow and Bear to exclaim: "It was so good!"The hilarious momentHowever, she promptly realized she might be barking up the wrong tree, and after asking whether they liked it, she quickly added: "If you let me down right now…" only to have her suspicions proved correct.MORE: Kelly Clarkson teases new addition to the family as she welcomes surprise appearance to her showMORE: Kelly Clarkson, Drew Barrymore and RuPaul receive MTV Movie and TV Award nominationsThe pair relented: "Don't think of us differently… we