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Maitland Ward shares reality of adult industry – from long hours to physical toll

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Maitland Ward has quickly become one of the biggest stars in adult entertainment – and now she’s revealed what it’s really like working in porn.The 45-year-old star already had a successful career as a model and actress as she previously had been on the cast of Bold and the Beautiful and found fame as Rachel McGuire on Boy Meets World.She made the decision to start shooting adult films in 2019 - and she hasn’t looked back since.Speaking exclusively with Daily Star, the stunning redhead opened up about the industry that she works in.And it isn’t as easy as you may think.“There’s a lot of physical work that goes into it, and it’s not the physical work you’re necessarily thinking about.

You have to work for hours on end at an athletic level,” she explained.“And we shoot on such a fast-paced schedule you might have a full sex scene and 10 pages of solid monologue in one day.

This is something that would take mainstream movies weeks to do.“There’s way more memorisation and in-depth acting involved than Hollywood portrayals of adult entertainment would have you believe.“We’re really working hard to produce quality films.”Maitland is thankful that she has such supportive fans and says they have shown up for her every step of the way.She says a lot of her success is thanks to them.“I would not be where I am if I didn’t have their social media support along the way,” the star said.“I was told I couldn’t be sexy as a Disney star and someone who isn’t 25.

My fans believed in me though and now I’m not only a sex star but the actress I always wanted to be."Maitland’s talent as an actress means she can also carry dramatic and comedic porn scenes with ease.Her playful energy, professionalism and open sexuality earned her an exclusive.

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