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Country with population of just 1,600 people secures its first-ever Commonwealth Games medal

Commonwealth Games medal despite having a population of just 1,600 people.Boxer Duken Tutakitoa-Williams stopped Cook Islands' Michael Schuster in the second-round of their clash on Thursday evening. In doing so the heavyweight earned a place in the semi-finals, which guaranteed him at least a bronze.That means South Pacific island country Niue has been able to clinch its first medal across any sport throughout its history in the games.

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Jane McDonald defends stripping off after wearing swimsuit on Channel 5 travel show
Loose Women star Jane McDonald, 59, has defended her decision to strip off on screens on her popular Channel 5 show Holidaying with Jane McDonald.The presenter and entertainer jetted off to the gorgeous Caribbean islands to give viewers a glimpse of the best destinations to visit for a sunny break.In the show, which aired earlier this year, Jane explored the islands of Barbados, St Lucia, Grenada and Antigua.As she got down to business in the exciting series, Jane wore plenty of summer-ready outfits and swimsuits in eye catching bright colours while she took leisurely dips in the sea along the gorgeous Caribbean beaches.She recently had a sit down with James Martin, celebrity chef, on Saturday morning (May 21) while appearing on his cooking show, and he grilled Jane on the series.James whipped up a mouth-watering dish of scampi and chips, while Jane spoke all about the gorgeous sights in the Caribbean, and the long journey.He said: “You say you don’t like travelling but over there it’s pretty special out there."Jane told James and the audience: “It was fabulous I must admit.”She went on to say: “I’m always on the go and I am always away!“I’ve got such a great filming team and we have such a laugh.”James replied: “It does appear you have good fun!”The 59-year-old presenter spoke about her confidence and stripping off to get into the sea, telling everyone she doesn’t let it stop her from getting stuck in.
Naga Munchetty comforts Kay Mellor's friend as she breaks down in tears on air after death
Naga Munchetty has comforted Sally Wainwright following the death of screen writer Kay Mellor.The BBC Radio 5 Live host, 47, comforted the Last Tango in Halifax writer earlier today after she appeared on the radio show to pay tribute to her friend and mentor following her death aged 71.Naga said to Sally: "I mean obviously you're paying tribute to her but I mean she did an interview and this is what she said about you."The BBC host read: "'She was talented and raw, she didn't care, you know."'She would write what she wanted, that's what I love that kind of boldness and funny to get"'It reminded me of how I was and how I wanted to be,'" Naga finished reading, before adding: "Now there's an accolade, there's a compliment."Sally replied: "Well, one of the things I remember Kay telling me when I started working at Grenada was, 'Be bold.'"And that stayed with me all my life, she was very - I'm sorry," she added, before starting to break down and cry.Stepping in to reassure the screenwriter, Naga said: "Sally, it's absolutely fine."When you talk about someone like Kay Mellor who has shaped your environment and shaped your career and it's more than just shaping your talent, it's about shaping your confidence."And giving you the strength to break into a space that is so tough," she added.Earlier today, a spokesperson for Kay's TV production company, Rollem Productions, confirmed the sad news of her death.The statement said: “It is with profound sadness that we announce the untimely and sudden passing of our beloved friend, mentor and colleague Kay Mellor on Sunday 15th May 2022.“We have lost a phenomenal talent and a true luminary."We ask that you please respect the privacy of the family and friends at this time," it ended.Kay
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen jokes TV rival Kelly Hoppen caused 'near-death experience'
Changing Rooms star spoke exclusively to the Daily Star about the accident and said: "I forget about all the stuff I have done over the years but I was in the hot air balloon at dawn flying over Grenada and it crashed, quite slowly, it wasn't like we were plummeting to the ground."We were kind of floating down and I said to the pilot 'I bet this happens all the time' and he was like 'no, first time ever' and he was like 100 as well."Laurence continued: "So, we got snagged on some trees and it would have been a very beautiful place to die but we did make it to landing and I was in there with a cameraman."The funny thing was we were both quite calm about it and we weren't panicking, we were having kind of a gentle conversation about impending death."The only thing I was concerned about was I was wearing a lovely new white shiny suit but it survived totally unscathed."Luckily, Laurence and his suit remained unharmed after the incident, but this didn't stop rumours circulating online that he, in fact, was not.He added: "I saw on the internet the assumption that yes, I did die and somehow I have been revived by satanic art which explains just about everything I've ever done to people's rooms."After agreeing that the whole world of interiors must be glad he's still alive and kicking, he joked: "Oh yeah I bet Kelly Hoppen is so relieved, however, I think it was probably Kelly Hoppen who fired the dart that burst the balloon."Laurence is also currently working on the Ideal Home Show, having returned for his 10th year.Talking about the show, he said: "The Ideal Home Show has always been amazing and it gives you ideas of trends and colours and it's much easier being able to see it in person than looking online." The Ideal Home