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ITV Loose Women fans share tips as Jane Moore suffers with common pain during show

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Loose Women viewers were surprised to see panellist Jane Moore overcome with cramp after an ad break on Friday (May 26). The cameras returned to the programme to see Nadia Sawalha pushing on Jane's foot on the desk.

Kaye Adams and Sunetra Sarker looked on as Nadia explained Jane was "in a lot of pain". And as usual, the ITV lunchtime show became catalyst on social media for hacks to beat the trials of modern life.

Nadia stood to get a better angle to lean into Jane's foot, pushing her trainer towards her body to try and alleviate the cramp. READ MORE: Join the FREE Manchester Evening News WhatsApp community Jane said: "I get cramp all the time, and I don't know what causes it." Nadia quickly jumped in: "Age!", with Sunetra responding: "You say that about everything." Luckily for Jane, help was at hand on Twitter.

Debbie Kerr @D38BIE was the first to jump in, telling Jane: "#loosewomen tonic water is good for cramp! (Gin optional!!) could also be a lack of salt!" Others agreed that a salt deficiency could be the cause, with Marie Johnston @iminsodepp tweeting :"@loosewomen I hear that if you suffer cramp a lot it’s a lack of salt in your diet not sure if it true or not @janem" Teresa Bourne @TeresaBourne has dealt with cramps herself, and her solution was easy: "@loosewomen Jane, try magnesium for cramp, had it every length when swimming, started taking it 3 weeks ago only had it 3 times since, game changer for me, now swimming at least twice as many lengths." Carole @mrscarter22 added: "@loosewomen @janem Eating bananas help with easing leg cramps - it's a lack of potassium and magnesium that can do it.

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