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Expert explains the dangers of not paying your energy bill this month

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As energy bills jump up this month, some may be seriously considering not paying for their gas or electricity use. However, a financial expert has warned that this could be lead serious credit issues.

There are groups such as Don't Pay UK - who claim to have nearly 200,000 sign-ups - calling for a strike on bills. This comes as bills have increased to £2,500 a year for an average household.

The UK government implemented the £2,500 cap after Ofgem announced that their cap would rise Ofgem to £3,549 per year. While the typical bill will be capped at £2,500, you could pay more if you use more than average.

Erik Porter, a financial coach at Wagestream, has urged people to do what they can to pay, reports Hull Live. He has also shared some of the support that is available for those who are struggling to pay bills.

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