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Elon Musk 'Disappointed' With Russell Brand, But Not Due to Actor's Rape & Sexual Assault Allegations

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Elon Musk is taking a shot at Russell Brand, but their falling-out strangely has nothing to do with the recent allegations of rape and sexual assault against Russell. Elon, 52, previously supported Russell.

When the 48-year-old comedian claimed that the allegations against him were part of a media campaign to silence him, Elon agreed, saying, “Of course, they don’t like competition.” Now, it appears that their relationship has soured, but for a different reason. Keep reading to find out why Elon Musk is upset with Russell Brand… On Friday (September 22), Russell responded to the allegations in a three-minute video posted to his YouTube channel. Elon replied to an X user who shared the video, calling Russell‘s comments “rather disappointing” because he said that he would post a longer video on Rumble. Elon, who owns X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, “It is rather disappointing that he is exclusively pushing Rumble when X has supported free speech just as much.” Rumble, an X competitor, is a video-sharing platform popular with conservatives.

Although Russell is under fire for legitimate and serious reasons, Elon appears more concerned with his platform’s notoriety.

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