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Drivers risk £1,000 fines for cleaning car during UK hosepipe ban

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READ MORE: Huge law change coming into effect today sparks urgent warning to Brit motoristsWater companies called the hosepipe ban to be imposed on people across Kent and Sussex.Because of this, drivers are warned to do regular activities which may lead to fines, including cleaning the car.People won't be allowed to use a hosepipe to clean their vehicles as they risk fines of up to £1,000.To keep their cars looking at their best, drivers can do a number of things to prevent them from being fined.Firstly, motorists could use a bucket of grey water and a sponge to clean their car.A hosepipe uses between 400 and 480 litres of water when washing a car from start to finish.Drivers can instead use grey water, which is water from bathroom and kitchen sinks.This only uses around 32 litres of water, making it more eco-friendly and it'll stop drivers from being fined.However, Brits are warned to regularly check the sponge for harmful objects which could scratch the car.After cleaning a vehicle, motorists should try and park the car out of direct sunlight, ideally in a garage.This will stop the water and soap from drying too quickly, which leaves watermarks.

Ollie Green, car maintenance expert at Collect Service Go, urged drivers to look at alternative ways of cleaning their vehicle.

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