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Cyber security expert warns people who to protect themselves against 'exhausting' scams

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cyber security expert has revealed a list of things she will never do after learning the dangers of them in her profession.Jess, who posts on TikTok as @jexxss, works day-to-day keeping people safe online and has recounted a list of her absolute don'ts that she follows to keep herself safe online.In the video, which has gained more than 67,000 views, the expert said: "Things I will never do after working in cyber security — have a camera inside my house.

I would never not have a camera outside my house.READ MORE: Motorola to relaunch iconic Razr flip phone with folding touch screen and three cameras"Don't keep them inside.

Keep them outside. Click on weird emails - if you have any suspicion whatsoever, most likely your best bet is to trust your gut."Reuse and recycle passwords on websites that you really care about — your bank account, primary email account, all that stuff like do not reuse, or recycle passwords, try not to write your passwords down and make them complex."Also, occasionally there are different websites that you can search to find out if your account information and these passwords have been compromised.

So keep an eye on that."I don't really answer phone calls. If they're not on my contact list, keep an eye out for your older relatives."There are so many scams out there where they'll just call the phone number and scam older relatives out of thousands of dollars by having them wire money overseas, that they can not get back."Her followers were grateful for the advice, which she clarified in the comments as relating to "plug-and-play WiFi/IP cams" not offline cameras.One user wrote: "So exhausting.

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