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Catherine Zeta-Jones bonded with Michael Sheen by swapping stories about South Wales

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Hollywood may be the world ­capital when it comes to gossip, but it is usually about which ­celebrities are having affairs, ­babies, meltdowns or getting divorced.

But when Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Sheen met for the first time, the pair turned that on its head by swapping stories about all the ordinary folk they both know back in South Wales.

The pair grew up in the same corner of the country, have mutual friends and their parents know one another – but they had never come across each other until last year while filming American crime drama Prodigal Son.

Catherine says: “We spent a lot of time going, ‘Did you hear about… Jones?’ ‘No, how is she?’ ‘She’s got two kids’ ‘Never.’” The two actors had plenty to catch up on and quickly

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