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Cam girl shares oddest requests from men – from mustard baths to giant roleplay

TikTok to reveal some of the strangest fetish requests she has received while doing OnlyFans - and they include everything from food products to giant role play.Lola Mason aka.

Mama Plugs has revealed in a series of videos that she has received some odd fetish requests during her time on cam and some of them she would advise against.The 26-year-old who has been doing sex work for over five years claims to have had requests from men to pour baked beans over her face and bathe in mustard.Although, when making this revelation she seemed to regret bathing in the condiment, warning other cam girls to "not put mustard near your hooha, it burns."In the video, she adds: "The second request I had was from a guy who likes a dominant woman but he.

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