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Bruce Dickinson admits he “lost his temper” for calling fan “fucking cocksucker” for bringing flare to Iron Maiden gig

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Bruce Dickinson has admitted that he lost his temper” after calling a fan a “fucking cocksucker” for bringing a flare to an Iron Maiden gig in Greece two years ago.In July 2022, the frontman stopped a concert at the Olympic Stadium in Athens after a fan lit a flare during ‘The Number Of The Beast’.During the performance, Dickinson sang the lyric “What did I see?” before he shouted: “A c**t with a fucking flare!”The incident prompted him to launch into an angry rant. “The c**t with the fucking flare, I’ve gotta sing up here,” he shouted. “You fucking cocksucker.

You Greek c**t. All right. I’ve gotta fucking sing. All right. Fuck you.”In a new interview with Rock Hard Greece(per Blabbermouth), Dickinson reflected on his response to the incident. “Oh, the guy swinging his thing and everything else.

You know what? I probably got his nationality wrong,” he laughed. I just lost my temper.”“That activity that a very, very small minority of people do is so selfish and so disturbing.

They think it’s really cool. Actually, it’s not about the band. It’s not about the audience. It’s about them drawing attention only to themselves and damaging the people around them who have this thing, this extremely toxic thing flying around.”He continued: “Of course, if you happen to be asthmatic, if you haven’t been having any lung conditions, ‘Oh, we don’t care about them.

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