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Brandon Jones and Serene Russell’s Relationship Timeline

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Bachelor Nation has been rooting for Brandon Jones and Serene Russell since the beginning of season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.After hitting it off during a September 2022 episode, the duo quickly fell for each other.“Brandon, I have always yearned for a life-changing love, but I had never seen it or experienced it firsthand.

But then I met you,” the Bachelor season 26 alum said during the November 2022 finale. “I feel like we have two hearts cut from the same cloth and I have never felt more seen or understood in my entire life.

In you, I have found my best friend, my missing puzzle piece and my soulmate. I love you so much and I’m never going to take that for granted.”The Bachelorette season 17 alum subsequently proposed — which Russell saw coming.“This one wears his heart on his sleeve, so I had no doubts at all on proposal day,” Russell exclusively told Us Weekly in November 2022 with a laugh. “I mean, there’s always that nervous feeling, like you said, where it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ because when you start to care so much and love someone so much, you obviously have that pit feeling where you’re like, ‘I hope that this works out’ — you want it to because it means so much.

But I didn’t have any doubts.”While their romance has seemed like a fairy tale on screen, the couple admits that they went through “little growing pains here and there” after leaving Mexico.“We went straight from seeing each other 20 hours a day to staying inside and couldn’t be with each other,” Jones said, agreeing with Russell that they do “bicker sometimes” and “fight” like “normal couple[s]” do. “Like [when she buys] random things on Amazon, she’s like, ‘Hey can you put this together for me?’”Russell interjected to admit that her list for Jones

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