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Below Deck star Captain Sandy hits back after facing criticism from Captain Lee

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She came under scrutiny from Captain Lee after she fired stew Camille Lamb without notifying him beforehand on Below Deck.But now Captain Sandy is standing up for herself.After Lee, 73, expressed his displeasure over her failure to give him the head's up, Sandy posted several eyebrow-raising messages seemingly firing back at him Hitting back: Captain Sandy appeared to be addressing criticism she had received from Captain Lee over her handling of Camille Lamb's firing on TwitterWithout naming Lee, she posted a message Tuesday reminding readers how receiving poor treatment was not a reflection of the person receiving it but rather of the individual doling it out.She shared a drawing of a man yelling at a woman which read: 'If someone treats you bad, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you.

Normal people don't go around destroying other people,' the message read. Sandy posted the photo to her Twitter account and added the hashtags 'Tuesday Thoughts' and 'Be Kind.'She later posted an uplifting yet telling tweet about hurt people hurting others. 'Be kind': Sandy posted a telling yet mysterious message after the drama unfolded 'Hurt people hurt others': Sandy also posted this eyebrow-raising message 'Hurt people hurt others, but luckily, healed people heal others.

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