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Who Won 'The Bachelor' 2023? Zach Is Engaged to [SPOILER]! (Finale Recap)

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SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know what happened on the finale of The Bachelor!

The finale of Zach Shallcross‘ season of The Bachelor just aired and his new fiancee was revealed.

Heading into the final episode of the season, Zach was down to two women – Gabi Elnicki and Kaity Biggar.

Before we could watch their final dates with him, it was time for Zach to have a live one-on-one with Ariel Frenkel, who he eliminated during last night’s episode. Keep reading to find out more… Ariel said that she was blindsided while watching the episode and learned what happened in the fantasy suites between Zach and the other women while watching the episode with the rest of America. “I want to know why the other women were given grace and honesty… and why I didn’t get the same respect,” she asked Zach, adding that he made the whole week about sex by saying that he wouldn’t sleep with any of the women (yet he did).

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