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Rapper Desiigner Must Register as Sex Offender Following Public Indecent Exposure Incident

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Desiigner is now required to register as a sex offender. The 26-year-old rapper has plead guilty to one count of public indecent exposure from an incident in April on a international flight, and because of that, has been ordered to have his name on the registry. Keep reading to find out more… Best known for his hit “Panda”, the charges come from an April incident on a flight from Japan to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and had pulled out his penis several times around flight attendants during an international flight from Japan to Minneapolis in April.

According the report, via ET, Desiigner “obscenely and indecently exposed his genitals and masturbated in a public place.” A flight attendant warned him about being arrested for the exposure, and a criminal complaint was filed with an FBI agent after the flight landed.

The FAA also have him a violation card, which is a notice that states a passenger’s behavior “appears to be in violation of federal law.” In the report, Desiigner was moved to the back of the plane with a few of his friends joined him when he kept up with the acts. “Once seated with his companions, [Desiigner] told his Security Guard that he was ‘bugging,’ had ‘messed up,’ and was ‘sorry,’” the complaint says. “He engaged in no additional acts of exposure or masturbation during the flight.

At the end of the flight, [Desiigner] apologized to airplane staff.” The paperwork does note that he was not under the influence prior to exposing himself.

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