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Playboy orgies, 60-second romps and toy fetish - Hugh Hefner's sex antics exposed

Playboy mansion and the shenanigans that actually went on behind closed doors.Founder and editor-in chief of the much loved Playboy publication Hugh Hefner became the envy of millions as he rocked up to lavish events with an array of stunning women on his arm.The American mansion owner died in 2017 in peace with "loved ones" surrounded at his bed side.However, since Hugh's death some of the former Bunnies that lived under his roof and rules had decided to speak out about their experiences from inside the mansion.From weekly orgies, a dildo fetish and explicit porn and masturbation - the Daily Star uncovers it all.Holly Madison, who became Hugh Hefner's main girlfriend, opened up about her time spent in the mansion and she didn't exactly.

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