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Ashley Graham documents first family trip with three kids under two…six months after birth of twins

Ashley Graham's latest vacation has her asking for thoughts and prayers from millions of followers.The 34-year-old model shared several clips detailing her travel experiences alongside her husband Justin Ervin and their three children on Friday.In the first clip, the star sat on a train, trees and grass flying past her from behind the window. Thoughts and prayers:Ashley Graham's latest vacation has her asking for the thoughts and prayers of her millions of followers'First time that all of us are flying as a family ..

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Ashley Graham shares how midwives ‘saved’ her after suffering haemorrhage while giving birth to her twin sons: ‘I blacked out’
Ashley Graham has shared in ‘unflinching detail’ what occurred when she gave birth to her twin sons, remembering ‘seeing darkness’ after losing litres of blood.In January this year, the model announced that she had welcomed her ‘happy and healthy’ twins with her husband Justin Ervin during a home birth, writing at the time: ‘I’m taking some time to heal up and connect with my husband and three boys.’ The couple also have an older son, Isaac, who was born two years previously.In a new essay penned by Ashley, she explained that when she gave birth to her twins, they were astounded when the labour only lasted for three and a half hours.However, she then told her midwife: ‘I don’t feel good. I think I need to lay down,’ realising later that she had haemorrhaged.Writing in Glamour, the 34-year-old said that she ‘blacked out’, and remembered ‘feeling a light touch on my cheek’, which turned out to be someone smacking her hard in the face to try and help her come to.She recollected ‘someone holding my hand, my husband Justin in my ear, praying, and someone jabbing me with a needle in my arm’, adding: ‘And I remember seeing darkness and what seemed like stars.’When Ashley regained consciousness, she was told that she was ‘fine’, as the medical professionals around her didn’t want to tell her that she’s lost litres of blood, she said.‘They didn’t want to tell me that one of the midwives had to flip me over, press her finger down right above my vagina bone to try and stop the bleeding.